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Operations & Maintenance


Eliminate downtime and maximize performance with our specialized expertise.

Maintaining your chilled water system is the best way to prevent costly downtime and improve system performance. As your O&M partner, our highly-skilled team of specialists help you achieve best-day performance every day.

With preventative and predictive maintenance on all system components and daily reporting, Stellar Energy will assess performance compared to as-designed operating parameters to optimize every aspect of your system.

  • Performance metrics show us where your system could improve
  • We recommend solutions that enhance performance
  • We consistently leverage ways to reduce energy consumption

Complex equipment, rapid technological advances and skilled labor shortages can be maintenance challenges. Our team of automation engineers and technicians are highly trained and available 24/7 to ensure your system is functioning as it was designed. Stellar Energy provides the clear solution to maximize uptime over the life of your equipment.  

Stellar Energy as your O&M partner = total system confidence.

  • An industry leader on-call when you need it
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Preventive and predictive services
  • 24/7 service for parts and repairs
  • Subcontractor management, providing you with one point of contact
  • Energy optimization solutions
  • Intelligent Monitoring, diagnostics and real-time dashboard reporting
  • Compliance support for OSHA and EPA
  • Budgeting and life cycle analysis

Take action before there’s an issue.

As part of your operating budget, an O&M agreement provides peace of mind by eliminating costly surprises down the road. Our experienced team will take care of all your systems, so you can focus on your bottom line.

Without proper operation and maintenance, noticeable degradation in system performance can begin in as a little as 12 months. Protect your investment with Stellar Energy’s comprehensive O&M strategy.

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