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Zayed University

Project Scope

Stellar Energy designed, fabricated and installed two modular chiller plants for Zayed University's district cooling system, which provides air conditioning for all of the University's buildings. By prepackaging the chiller plants in a fabrication facility - instead of building it on site - the construction timetable was shortened considerably. In addition to providing engineering, procurement and construction services, Stellar Energy is also supplying operations & maintenance (O&M) services.

Stellar Energy installed all piping inside and outside of the chiller module within the district cooling plant, connecting the piping to the client's termination point at the entrance of the plant. Stellar Energy also installed all the cabling from the switchgears to the internal loads.

The system features a parallel chiller arrangement. The pumping arrangement is primary secondary, with Stellar Energy's chiller module serving as the primary system, and two service buildings housing secondary chilled water pumps. The primary pumps are constant speed, whereas the condenser pumps are variable speed.

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