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Service Agreements

Tailored solutions to ensure optimal performance.

Stellar Energy offers a full scope of services to maintain, optimize and extend the life of your chilled water system, and to help you achieve operational excellence, reduce downtime and meet — or exceed — performance metrics.

We offer customizable service agreements to best fit your needs:

Master Service Agreements 

  • Full-time on-site dedicated personnel available
  • Personnel support available in 24 to 48 hours, as requested

Operations and Maintenance 

Long-term Service Agreements

  • Operational inspections on weekly, monthly, semi-annual and/or annual basis
  • Supervisory support for seasonal inspection and maintenance activities
  • Maintenance activities on semi-annual and/or annual basis

Feasibility Anaylsis and Professional Services


  • Customized, multi-discipline training program focused to include engineering, operations and maintenance
  • Optimized training environment for classroom, job site and shop

As your long-term partner, we can:

  • Improve your team’s system knowledge and ensure they can respond when needed
  • Provide a seamless integration between engineering teams and a structured turnover of plant operations during start-up and commissioning
  • Mitigate risk of system performance issues and provide valuable insight and analysis of system performance with Intelligent Monitoring
  • Ensure system performance and prolong the life span of your asset with proactive maintenance
  • Accommodate emergency outage schedules and help minimize repair lead times with spare parts and repair

Our long-term service agreements are the ultimate level of protection and are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your system including regular interval maintenance, spare parts with spare parts management, remote system monitoring with analytics and comprehensive training to ensure your operations team is a highly productive part of your process.

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