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Stellar Energy News

July 06, 2009
Stellar Energy Builds Efficiency-Boosting TIAC System for New CPS Energy Plant

Stellar Energy, a leading global energy systems company, has completed a turbine inlet air cooling (TIAC) project for City Public Service (CPS) Energy's Braunig Peaker Plant in Elmendorf, Texas. The "peaker" power plant - a facility designed to generate power during periods of high demand - is expected to begin operations in October. The plant was designed and built by construction firm Austin Industrial and engineering firm WorleyParsons. CPS Energy, based in San Antonio, is the nation's largest municipally owned energy company providing both natural gas and electric service.  

Stellar Energy developed cooling modules for the new TIAC system, which delivers cold water to coils at the inlets of combustion gas turbines, in order to cool the air entering the compressors of the turbines. The cool dense air reduces power waste, and increases the quantity and efficiency of power generation on a new or existing plant. Stellar Energy's eight modules, paired within four standalone buildings, will provide cooling capacity for the CPS Energy plant's six General Electric (GE) gas turbines. Half of the modules will serve two GE 7FA turbines, and the remainder will serve four, smaller GE LM6000 turbines. The TIAC system will deliver a total of 15,000 tons of refrigeration. 

The Braunig Peaker Plant cooling system is uniquely driven by Lake Braunig water, which chills the closed-loop water entering the turbine; most TIAC-serviced facilities require a separate cooling tower. While the turbine water, which must be kept separate to maintain a specific chemical make-up, is in encased in copper piping, the lake water is transported in stainless steel to prevent rusting or a chemical reaction. 

Stellar Energy provided engineering, procurement, and fabrication services for the new Elmendorf power plant's TIAC system. The engineering phase began in November of last year, and module fabrication was initiated in January. Stellar Energy will provide technical assistance during the start-up and commissioning phase, anticipated to start in September. 

Acquired by the City of San Antonio in 1942, CPS Energy serves approximately 690,000 electric customers and almost 320,000 natural gas customers in and around the San Antonio area. The company's 1,566-square-mile service area includes Bexar County and portions of Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Guadalupe, Medina, Wilson and Kendall Counties.


About Stellar Energy

Stellar Energy is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and operation of a range of energy systems. The company’s experience spans more than 20 years across the globe, with offices in the United States and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. For more information, visit, find the company on LinkedIn or follow Stellar Energy on Twitter @Stellar_Energy.