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Central Utility Plants

As specialists in the design and delivery of chiller plants and process cooling technologies, Stellar Energy has become a preferred provider for data centers and mission critical facilities, campus cooling and bio/pharmaceutical companies. Our Central Utility Plants can meet a range of needs including chilled water, hot water, steam, electricity and other utilities. While we maintain a wide range of standard designs, we routinely customize plants to match a project’s specific requirements.

Modular Benefits

The modular chiller plant is a self-contained chilled water production system. An efficient and affordable alternative to the traditional stick-built chiller plant, the modular chiller plant works equally well in a building mechanical room without an enclosure, and in an open environment with an enclosure to protect the components from the elements.

The modular chiller plant is pre-engineered and fabricated with all system components. Packaged in a skid, the module is pre-piped, wired, tested and shipped to the job site where the water and power connections are made.

Modular does not mean one-size-fits-all. The modular chiller plant can be designed for primary secondary, variable primary or fixed primary operation, and it can be customized to special engineering requirements for component type, manufacturer and model.

World-class Fabrication

While modular construction has been gaining popularity in recent years, Stellar Energy has been designing, fabricating and installing modular utility plants for over two decades. We build these plants in our own fabrication facility in Jacksonville, Florida, or through our trusted network of fabrication facilities around the world. Our Jacksonville facility was designed for - and is dedicated to - modular fabrication of utility plants.

Learn more about our Fabrication Facility.

Stellar Energy’s modular solutions are custom engineered, fabricated and tested in our facility, packaged on a skid, and shipped to the site ready for installation. The modular approach can cut project delivery time in half and shave up to one third off of project cost.

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Modular Advantages

Lower capital and operating costs

Our solution is based on a phased approach that enables owners to spend only what they need now, delaying future capital expenditures until they are actually required.

Reduced site work and exceptional quality 

Due to the controlled environment, free of inclement weather challenges, modular construction allows for better quality control, improved supervision of labor, easier access to tools, fewer material deliveries, fewer work-crew scheduling conflicts, better sequencing of craftspersons, reduced requirements for on-site materials storage, and more.

Scalability and flexibility to add capacity as needed and when budget allows

Owners can install only what they need now, without risking additional capital outlays on possible future requirements. As needs dictate, owners can easily expand and install additional modules to match the current demand.

Improved schedule control and quick-ship capabilities

Modular construction involves the fabrication and assembly of systems and components at an off-site enclosed facility. Labor is moved to the fabrication facility, reducing time, manpower and activity on the site.

Exceptional customization and exterior aesthetic options

Central Utility Plants can be designed for primary secondary; variable primary; or fixed primary operation and can be customized to special requirements for component type, manufacturer and model. They can be enhanced with an architectural wall or façade that blends with the environment.

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"Stellar Energy is one of the best vendors I've dealt with throughout my 16 years working with various equipment manufacturers. I have full confidence in them-they are very professional and have good design, procurement, fabrication and overall management skills. They communicate with us each week on their adherence to the project scope, schedule and budget, and quickly respond to any questions or issues that arise." - Richard Gwaltney, PE, Process Engineering, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Inc.