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How TIAC Works

Turbine Inlet Air Chilling is most compelling in warm climates when power output from gas turbines decreases. Gas turbine power plants are generally designed to produce rated output at 50° Fahrenheit and operate more efficiently when the ambient (inlet) temperature is low. Lower inlet air temperatures significantly increase power production and improve power plant efficiency during periods of warm weather.  

TIAC is an electro-mechanical system comprised of chillers, pumps, heat rejection equipment, piping, controls and heat transfer equipment.  Chilled water (or brine) is delivered to a heat transfer device. The air entering into the gas turbine filter house is cooled as it passes through the heat transfer device. The cooled air then flows into the gas turbine and increases the power production and improves power plant efficiency.

How TIAC Works New



Turbine Inlet Air Chilling (TIAC) is a power enhancement system that is applied to a gas turbine to improve the power output, efficiency and operational flexibility of...

Types of TIAC Systems

From power plants to LNG plants, our range of TIAC systems delivers efficient cooling to enhance turbine performance and increase power...


We maintain 50 standard chiller module designs that can serve loads from 300 TRs to over 50,000 TRs. However, we can deliver any level of customization...

Turbine Inlet Air Chilling FAQs

Turbine Inlet Air Chilling improves profitability by enhancing power output. Learn more about our Turbine Inlet Air Chilling...

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