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Customer Resources

Our site installation videos address common questions about modular installation. Please refer to the Stellar Energy installation manual or contact your project manager for additional details.


Skid Arrival Inspections

1 Arrival



Skid Unloading

2 Unloading



Skid Placement, Storage & Preservation

3 Placement



Victaulic Couplings

4 Victaulic



Pressure Testing, Filling, Flushing & Treatment

5 Pressure



Floor Drain Pipe Fitting

6 Floor



Structural Connections

7 Structural



Electrical Connections

8 Electrical




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Whether it's turbine inlet air chilling for a combined cycle power plant, district cooling for a university campus, a modular chiller plant for data center cooling or combined heat and power energy plant for a food processing plant, we customize our solutions to closely match a customer's needs.

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Comprehensive Services

Over the years, we've developed a solid reputation for delivering projects on time and under budget. This is because our international team of direct-employed engineers, construction professionals and operations and maintenance engineers is committed to the highest level of quality in every service we provide.

Stellar Energy's modular solutions are custom engineered, fabricated in our facillity, performance tested, packaged on a skid, and shipped to site.

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Proven Results

Modular Solutions Improve ROI

Eight in ten of our projects are modular design. Stellar Energy's modular solutions are custom engineered, fabricated in our facility, performance tested, packaged in a skid, and shipped to site.


  • Superior quality
  • Reduced construction time
  • Reduced total project cost
  • Improved energy performance
  • Improved safety
  • More flexibility & scalability
  • Reduced space requirements
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