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The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Iso Logo 100Stellar Energy’s objective is to provide its clients with a quality of service consistent with the highest professional standards. Stellar Energy is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Stellar Energy is dedicated to the continual improvement of its operational and management systems to achieve excellence and to achieve innovative, safe, and economical solutions with the best quality in every project undertaken. This is accomplished through regular reviews of performance, working methods, and staff training.

Our company Quality Manual is the source from which detailed quality management procedures, specific work instructions, and project quality plans for each individual project are derived.

Responsibility for upgrade and maintenance of the Quality Management System rests with Stellar Energy’s Quality Management System Representative. This post is responsible for ensuring that best practice policies and procedures are in place and are followed across all areas of the company by conducting internal audits regularly.

"We've had a very good experience working with Stellar Energy. Recently, we bought three previously installed large modular chiller plants for a turbine inlet air cooling (TIAC) system, which we disassembled and moved across the country, then reassembled for start-up using Stellar Energy's invaluable help and expertise. Their onsite team was very knowledgeable, knew the equipment well, and provided valuable technical direction. They also worked well with the other teams involved in the complex start-up process. The Stellar Energy packages did not add a single unplanned minute to the startup critical path." - Frank Landis, Technical Services Manager, Colorado Energy Management

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