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Palm Jumeirah Trunk

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Project Scope

Stellar Energy designed, constructed, fabricated and installed a district-cooling system to provide air conditioning for retail and residential buildings, hotels and resorts on this unique, man-made island. Stellar Energy fabricated the process systems at its fabrication facility in Jacksonville, Florida, and then shipped them overseas for immediate installation. The plants are located underground to provide minimal impact to the area.

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Palm District Cooling - Palm Jumeirah Trunk 2 Image

"What defines a first-rate contractor from the rest is not just the successful execution of the original scope of work, but the timely delivery of the project when significant changes are implemented during construction. Stellar Energy successfully delivered in a proactive and professional manner under intense scrutiny from a demanding client." - Jamie Brougham, Engineer’s Representative, Palm Jumeirah Trunk District Cooling

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