Franklinton, North Carolina

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  • Markets: Bioscience & Pharmaceuticals
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Project Scope

Novozymes required a modular chiller plant to provide 34°F glycol and 65°F chilled cooling tower water to various process loads throughout its enzyme production plant. Stellar Energy designed, fabricated and installed a modular chiller plant, consisting of three chiller skids totaling 3,200 TRs and a utility skid containing auxiliary equipment.

Project Challenge

Novozymes is a world leader in industrial biotechnology and bio-innovation. The company required chilled water for a variety of process cooling functions throughout its facility. Specifically, low temperature glycol and chilled process water for process loads, including dehumidification. The goal was to satisfy process loads while also maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing footprint. Additionally, Novozymes required a scalable, flexible solution that could expand to produce more chilled water as their production levels increased.


Project Solution

Stellar Energy’s initial project for Novozymes was the turnkey delivery of a modular chiller plant, including three (3) chiller skids and a utility skid containing auxiliary equipment designed to expand the company’s process cooling capacity as its process loads increase. The plant provided 3,200 TR of cooling capacity and was delivered on time and on budget. The success of that project led to an ongoing relationship with Novozymes that has spanned several projects over the years.

Most recently, Stellar Energy expanded Novozymes’ existing process cooling capacity an additional 2,200 TR. The Stellar Energy designed solution included the combination of a modular chilled water plant constructed at Stellar Energy's fabrication facility with factory packaged cooling towers and process water pumps installed at the site.