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Operations & Maintenance

Once a facility is built, our in-house team can provide turnkey delivery of all operations and maintenance (O&M) services. After designing, building, testing and commissioning a facility, the team has developed an unrivaled understanding and knowledge of that facility that we can then apply to its O&M. 

Our O&M services include:

  • Corrective maintenance, with a 24-hour help desk
  • Planned preventive maintenance (PPM) - monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Spare parts management, including stocking critical spare parts on site and forecasting annual needs
  • Subcontractor management, providing you with one point of contact
  • Automation and controls
  • Energy management by putting plans and policies in place to reduce energy consumption
  • Budgeting and life cycle analysis
  • Real-time dashboard reporting via advanced computer-aided facility-management software
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