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Intelligent Monitoring

Stellar Energy Intelligent Monitoring (I.M.) is the smart solution for protecting and maximizing your energy system investment. Our Stellar Energy Automation Engineers monitor, analyze and optimize the system, and provide peace of mind with 24/7 response to critical alarms.

Cloud-Based Solution

  • Data points collection from controllers and HMIs located on site at a scan rate of once/second 
  • Local store/forward capability, in the event access to the cloud is disrupted, of one (1) month local store 
  • Standard data retention for the data stored in cloud of five (5) years or the duration of the contract, whichever is shorter 
  • Periodic data analysis to ensure proper plant optimization 
  • Data collection uses port 443 for outbound traffic, certificates (self-signed or from certificate authority) and encryption 
  • Collected time series sensor data is obfuscated with a dedicated algorithm

Key Features

  • Designated Stellar Energy engineering team
  • Engineer response to critical alarms 24/7 
  • Online troubleshooting with site PLC 
  • Online incident correction 
  • Complete incident logging, tracking and reporting
Proven Benefits

Benefits of the cloud-based system include:

  • Prevention and early resolution of system issues before they turn into costly problems Proactive solutions and condition-based maintenance 
  • Real-time responsiveness means less downtime when there’s an issue 
  • Data collection and analysis inform optimization opportunities