Tabreed - Metro Green Line


Project Scope

Working within an aggressive five-month timeframe - versus a standard timeframe of 10 to 12 months - Stellar Energy designed, fabricated and installed two hybrid chiller plants for new stations on Dubai Metro's Green Line. Each plant has a capacity of 3,750 TRs and features a hybrid design, with both modular and stick-built (constructed on-site) components. The chiller modules, including pumps and electrical panels, were fabricated offsite, while the concrete makeup water tank, the main switchgear room, utility room, and the control room are all conventional block-wall and concrete-roof buildings constructed on site.

The chillers feature primary-secondary pumping, which increases system temperature drops, decreasing total pump horsepower and increasing system controllability. One of the stations continued to operate public buses during construction, requiring a carefully orchestrated approach to ensure the public's safety while still meeting the project deadline.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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