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JEA Shands Hospital

Jacksonville, Florida
Services Provided
Project Scope

Stellar Energy provided comprehensive design-build services for a district cooling plant to distribute and circulate chilled water to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. The project included five chillers for a capacity of 7,500 TR. The fielderected tower has a capacity of 21,000 GPM.

JEA Shands Hospital Case Study

Stellar Energy provided comprehensive design-build services for a district cooling plant to distribute and circulate chilled water to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center.

Project Challenge

The Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) District Cooling Plant for Shands Hospital was third in a series of district cooling plants to support the city of Jacksonville’s downtown infrastructure investment program. The plant was to support the Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, a 635-bed academic hospital.

Project Solution

The key consideration of this project was lifecycle cost and energy efficiency. Stellar Energy managed a special chiller configuration with Trane in order to achieve Superior lifecycle efficiency targets identified by the client.

Objectives of the project also included:

  • Incorporating excellent access to all components for easy maintenance, and lower maintenance labor costs;
  • Integrating architectural elements from the surrounding environment and JEA’s specific architectural requirements to ensure the plant was aesthetically pleasing;
  • Designing a solution that allows for future expansion and ease of construction;
  • Uptime guarantees and redundancy; and
  • Installation with minimum impact to the environment, traffic patterns, business operations and the ongoing business of Shands Medical Complex.
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